Welcome to KRUBIAT! an English-Italian place, home of some strange charachters who want to offer:

  • A comics strips journal to laugh over the dementia of the author (at a certain moment you will also be asked to stop laughing and suggest your own idea of strip comics, it will be drawn if it is good!)
  • A book (in Italian) of four strange short tales that you can buy and make as next christhmas gift knowing that nobody will recycle it the following Cristhmas
  • The futuristic comics HZU to futurize yourself
  • A children book starring DearCarrot, that you can read to your children before, while, or after sleeping, it will make no difference!

Jokes apart, feel home here! And beware of KRUBIAT! The Sioux Indian child is the guardian of this space and has a very proud character!

Have a good Time!